CLCNSW currently has 37 members, which are CLCs across NSW.

CLCNSW is the only NSW member of the National Association of Community Legal Centres (NACLC). CLCs in NSW gain representation by NACLC only via membership of CLCNSW.

As the peak organisation for CLCs in NSW, CLCNSW supports and represents its members to the government, funding bodies and other stakeholders. This includes representation on the key state-wide body NSW Legal Assistance Forum.

In addition, all CLCNSW members are entitled to the following benefits:

Full and Associate members also become automatic members of NACLC and, so long as the NACLC levy is paid annually, they are therefore entitled to the following benefits from the NACLC:

Access to free or heavily subsidised resources to assist centres, such as the Risk Management Guide and the Financial Management Guide.

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