Opportunities and Tools for Law Reform

Tools for Law Reform


How and why to engage in law reform

CLCs advocate for reform to unjust laws, policies, and practices. CLCs also advocate for a fairer legal system for disadvantaged people in NSW. Through working with clients, CLCs are well placed to identify laws and policies that are unjust, especially those that affect socially and economically disadvantaged groups

The report Reclaiming Community Legal Centres - Maximising our potential so we can help our clients realise theirs, by Nicole Rich, adresses why CLC's should engage in law reform and advocacy work, and discusses strategies used in the USA. The report can be found here.

A series of 3 workshops on Law Reform and Policy skills were held at the National Conference of CLCs in October 2010. You may find the notes from these workshops useful:
Workshop 1: Introduction to Policy and Law Reform
Workshop 2: Case Studies and Planning
Workshop 3: Media Work (see also our webpage on Media skills)



A range of measures can be used to work towards law reform, such as:

Additional ideas for social change can be found on The Change Agency website. This includes information and tools for planning a campaign strategy.

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