Police Complaints Survey Findings

CLCs NSW commissioned Charles Sturt University to conduct some research into solicitors' and client advocates' perceptions and experiences in relation to the Police Complaints System.

The survey received 378 responses. Some of the key findings of the survey were that the time it took to resolve a complaint was between 1 – 18 months, 76% of users were dissatisfied with the complaint process and 75% of users were dissatisfied with the outcome. The report found consensus that the NSW police force with relation to complaints do not apply the law in an even-handed manner, treat members of certain vulnerable groups more harshly than others, lack integrity and trustworthiness, protect their colleagues before being honest about the incident, and display low levels of neutrality and respect in dealing with the public. These findings strongly support CLCs NSW’s recommendations for reform.

To read an executive summary of the findings, click here.


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