Reconciliation Action Plan

Welcome to the CLCNSW Reconciliation Action Plan Webpage.

On here you will find information about the Aboriginal Legal Access Program and links to organisations that can either provide you with legal information, or possibly provide you with legal advice.

Also in this page, you can find out what CLCNSW is up to as part of our Reconciliation Action Plan.


Legal Information:

When you have a legal problem, in the course of getting legal advice, it helps to get legal information about the area of law that your issue is involved with. There's a few websites that provide information are written for people, as opposed to writing information for the species of humans known as lawyers. :-)

These websites are:

Law Assist

The 'LawAssist' website is designed to help people who are dealing with legal problems in New South Wales, without a lawyer. LawAssist provides helpful information on specific areas of law and the legal process.

Find Legal Answers

'Find Legal Answers' is a free legal information service for the community in New South Wales. This service is available online and in public libraries across the state, and there website has been developed by staff of the Legal Information Access Centre (LIAC), State Library of NSW. It provides access to useful, current and easy to understand information about the law in NSW.


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