Cameron Review Implementation


The recent review of NSW Community Legal Centres – the Cameron review- endorsed the work that Community Legal Centres do with a number of recommendations.

Funding for Community Legal Centres in NSW

The NSW government has supported the implementation of key recommendations from the Cameron review including:

  • An application based funding model from 2019-20 for all State funding to community legal centres 
  • A 3 year funding model
  • Development of an evidence base to inform applications for funding
  • Support the community legal sector through the application process

The amount in state funding to be allocated to CLCs under the new model is approximately $11.7 million per year. This consists of:

  1. approximately $9.5 million (ie approximately $6.5 million in core funding and $3.041 million in additional funding), which will be available by closed tender only to those CLCs that are currently funded under the CLC program; and
  2. $2.2 million in additional funding to address critical gap areas and fund additional CLCs (eg service gaps in a particular region, for a particular priority client group or area of law, to fund a new project, etc). This amount will be available by open tender to both CLCs that are currently funded under the CLC program and those that are not.

* The total amount in state funding to be allocated over the three-year funding cycle from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2022 is approximately $35.1 million.

Read a copy of the Community Legal Centres NSW media release here

A new procurement process for NSW Community Legal centres

CLCNSW is collaborating with Legal Aid NSW, Department of Justice and the Law and Justice Foundation to implement Cameron review recommendations. This includes a new procurement process and support for the sector throughout the application process.

Initial Information sessions about the procurement process;

  • Tuesday 21st August 3 pm – 4.30 pm, Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC), Level 5, 175 Liverpool St, Sydney NSW 2000
  • Wednesday 22nd August 10 am - 11.30 am, Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC), Level 5, 175 Liverpool St, Sydney NSW 2000

Information session presentations:

Tender briefing sessions will also be available once the tender is open.

CLCNSW is collaborating with the Law and Justice Foundation to develop the Legal Needs Analysis.

CLCNSW is developing an application resource guide.

Queensland resources

The Cameron review recommended that the NSW Government adopt a funding allocation model similar to Queensland. Our colleagues in Queensland adopted an application based model in 2016, after close consultation between government and the Legal Assistance Sector.  The Queensland model is seen as good practice.

CLCNSW is currently developing the following resources, based resources developed by our Queensland colleagues:

  • Legal Needs Analysis
  • Application Resource Guide

The Queensland resources are available here. Please note that these are provided for guidance only and specific resources for the NSW are currently under development.

The Queensland Government’s Application form for the 2016 procurement process for community legal centres in Queensland is available here

More information

Contact the CLCNSW Capacity Building Coordinator Laurel Draffen.