Current Law Reform Inquires


At any given time, there are many laws and policies under review. Various government and non-government bodies regularly conduct law reform inquiries, where they seek feedback from people, communities and organisations regarding proposed changes to the law.

For most inquiries, any person or organisation can make a submission. A submission to an inquiry is a written argument or set of arguments, backed up by appropriate evidence, responding to the questions or terms of reference set out by the body conducting the inquiry.

Community Legal Centres NSW compiles law reform submissions to relevant law reform inquiries in consultation with member centres, and also encourages member centres to make their own submissions

Below is a list of law reform inquiries that are currently accepting submissions and that are relevant to the work and priorities of community legal centres in NSW.

Current NSW Inquiries:

  • NSW Department of Justice, Inquiry into a new Multicultural Plan (Submission due 21 Sep 2018) (online link)
  • NSW Department of Justice, Inquiry into a new Disability Inclusion Action Plan (Submission due 21 Sep 2018) (online link)
  • NSW Law Reform Commission, Access to Digital Assets Upon Death or Incapacity (Submission due 12 Oct 2018) (online link)
  • NSW Government, Inquiry into Aboriginal Social Housing Strategy (Submissions due 31 Jan 2019) (online link)

Current Federal Inquiries:

  • Federal Parliament, Inquiry into the Aged Care Amendment (Staffing Ratio Disclosure) Bill 2018 (Submission due 4 Oct 2019)
  • Australian Human Rights Commission, Wiyi Yani U Thangani (Women's Voices) Consultation (Submission due 30th of November, Preferably before 5th October) (online link)
  • Australian Human Rights Commission, Inquiry into Sexual Harassment in Australian Workplaces (Submission due early 2019) (online link)
  • Australian Human Rights Commission, Protecting the Human Rights of People Born with Variations in Sex Characteristics in the Context of Medical Interventions (Submission due date not set) (online link)
  • Federal Parliament, Inquiry into General Issues Around the Implementation and Performance of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (Submission due date not set) (online link)

Resources for making submissions:

Past Community Legal Centres NSW Submissions.

Current Community Legal Centres NSW law reform priorities.