Current Law Reform Inquires


At any given time, there are many laws and policies under review. Various government and non-government bodies regularly conduct law reform inquiries, where they seek feedback from people, communities and organisations regarding proposed changes to the law.

For most inquiries, any person or organisation can make a submission. A submission to an inquiry is a written argument or set of arguments, backed up by appropriate evidence, responding to the questions or terms of reference set out by the body conducting the inquiry.

Community Legal Centres NSW compiles law reform submissions to relevant law reform inquiries in consultation with member centres, and also encourages member centres to make their own submissions

Below is a list of law reform inquiries that are currently accepting submissions and that are relevant to the work and priorities of community legal centres in NSW.

Current NSW Inquiries:

  • NSW Government, Inquiry into Aboriginal Social Housing Strategy (Submissions due 31 January 2019) (online link)
  • * NSW Government, Private Native Forestry Review 2018 (Submissions due 31 January 2019) (online link)
  • NSW Law Reform Commission, Consultation Paper Reviewing the Law of Consent and Knowledge of Consent in Sexual Offences (Submissions due 1 February 2019) (online link)
  • * NSW Government, Review of the standard non-parole period for the bushfire offence and the maximum penalties for destroying property by fire (Submissions due 23 February 2019) (online link)
  • * NSW Sentencing Council, Review of sentencing for murder and manslaughter, including the penalties imposed for domestic and family violence homicides and the standard non-parole periods for murder (submissions due 8 March 2019) (online link)

Current Federal Inquiries:

  • Attorney-General's Department and Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Exposure Drafts of the Native Title Legislation Amendment Bill 2018 and the Registered Native Title Bodies Corporate Legislation Amendment Regulations 2018 (Submissions due 10 December 2018) (online link)
  • Australian Government Department of Environment and Energy Call for Submissions of Case Studies on Action Underway on the Environment and Energy Sustainable Development Goals (Submissions due 31 December 2018) (online link)
  • Australian Human Rights Commission, National Workplace Sexual Harassment Inquiry (Submission due 31 January 2019) (online link)
  • * Federal Senate, Parliamentary Scrutiny of Delegated Legislation (31 January 2019) (online link)
  • Treasury, Review of the early release of superannuation benefits (15 February 2019) (online link)
  • * Federal House of Representatives, Review of the Social Security Commission Bill 2018 (1 March 2019) (online link)
  • * Productivity Commission, The effect of mental health on people’s ability to participate and prosper (5 April 2019) (online link)
  • * Federal Government, Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety (Submissions due date not set) (online link)
  • Federal Parliament, Inquiry into General Issues Around the Implementation and Performance of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (Submissions due date not set) (online link)

Resources for making submissions:

Past Community Legal Centres NSW Submissions.

Current Community Legal Centres NSW law reform priorities.