Directory of community legal centres in NSW


LawAccess NSW is the best place to start to resolve a legal problem in NSW, as they are able to provide legal information and a referral to the most appropriate service. In some cases they may provide legal advice over the telephone.

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Community legal centres are independent non-government organisations that provide free legal services to people and communities, at time when that help is needed most.

Community legal centres can help with a range of problems including, domestic violence, debt, fines, tenancy, discrimination, credit, Centrelink, and more.

There are forty community legal centres in NSW. We provide a safety net to prevent people's legal problems from escalating. 

You can find a local community legal centre that's right for your problem by using our Online Directory

Alternatively, use our PDF directory to find your nearest community legal centre or a specialist legal centre relevant to your legal issue.

> Download the PDF version. After you open the PDF, use the find function (CTRL-F on a PC or Command-F on a Mac) to search the document for your postcode and identify your local centre.