Aimee Lawson: First Nations cadet 2023

Aimee smiling outside the Downing Centre courts in Sydney. Underneath is a photo of Aimee and Justice Support Centre staff members smiling in front of a colourful dot painting depicting hand prints and a river.

Aimee is a Law and International Studies student at Western Sydney Uni who is taking her cadetship placement with Justice Support Centre.

Aimee answered some questions about her experience:

1. What do you hope to get out of your cadetship?

"I’m hoping to gain as much experience as possible in unique environments while participating in this cadetship. I want to be able to experience different areas of law to help me better understand what I want to practise in."

2. What is your particular interest in law?

"I'm interested in helping people - specifically women and children - so being able to do that in any capacity at law is an interest of mine, but as of yet nothing specific."

3. How are you enjoying the Cadetship Program so far?

"So far I am absolutely loving it. I am learning so much and having such enriching experiences in many different practice areas."

4. What have you enjoyed the most?

"I have enjoyed the different experiences I have had so far! I also have really enjoyed being able to participate in different court days and assisting on work in different practice areas."

5. What would you love to be doing in five years?

"I have no idea at the current moment actually! I’m still trying to figure it out and hopefully this cadetship helps me figure that out."

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