Our people


Our staff

Black and white headshot of Katrina Ironside.
Executive Director
Headshot of a person wearing thick glasses smiling in front of an abstract painting.
Policy and Advocacy Manager
Photo of Zachary Armytage, Aboriginal Legal Access Program Coordinator
Aboriginal Legal Access Program Coordinator
Ingrid Rikkert
Regional Accreditation Coordinator
Black and white headshot of a young woman with dark shoulder length hair.
Data and Innovation Manager
A black and white photo of Bobbi, who has long hair, is smiling at the camera and has sunglasses on her head.
First Nations Cadetship Administrator
Close-up of a person with short hair smiling at the camera
Media and Communications Manager
Photo of Julie Robson smiling from the chest up. She wears dark glasses and earrings, and has short grey hair.
Special Projects Officer
A grey silhouette image of a head.
Web Developer and ICT Project Officer

Our Financial Service team

The Community Legal Centres NSW Financial Service offers bookkeeping and other financial services to community organisations.

Photo of Tina Froget
Manager, Financial Service
Kath Cooke
Senior Bookkeeper, Financial Service
A grey silhouette image of a head
Senior Bookkeeper, Financial Service
Headshot of a woman with short dark hair and glasses.
Bookkeeper, Financial Service
A grey silhouette image of a head
Bookkeeper, Financial Service
A grey silhouette image of a head
Bookkeeper, Financial Service
A grey silhouette image of a head
Bookkeeper, Financial Service

To contact us, please email clcnsw@clcnsw.org.au.

First Nations Cadetship students

Headshot of Aimee Lawson smiling, with glasses and long hair.
Headshot of Keely smiling, wearing a blazer and long hair.
Photo of Jai McGaw smiling, wearing a dark shirt.

Our board

Community Legal Centres NSW is governed by talented and dedicated board members with experience across the community legal centre sector.

Photo of Deborah Macmillan (Chair)
Deborah is Executive Officer at Central Coast Legal Centre. Since moving to Australia from the UK, she has worked across government and non-government agencies in the out-of-home care and homelessness sectors.
Photo of Robert Pelletier
Robert is the Executive Officer of Macarthur Legal Centre. He also teaches law at the University of Notre Dame and University of Technology, Sydney. Robert was a solicitor in private practice for 20 years before working at Macarthur.
Photo of a person with long hair tied up, wearing a scarf and smiling slightly.
Jilly is a Principal Silicitor at Gilchrist Connell. Jilly has a focus on developing strategic solutions to address unmet legal need and support community legal centres and not-for-profits with advocacy and reform.
Photo of Savi Manii
Savi is passionate about advising charities and not-for-profit organisations on legal issues including governance, legal structure, employment, volunteer management and tax status.  Savi worked for over eight years at Justice Connect, including Manager of the Not-for-profit Law program. 
Close-up of a man with brown hair looking at the camera. He is wearing a tie.
Brian is a solicitor with Seniors Rights Ltd. He has worked with DFAT, Federal Court of Australia, Youth Koori Court and Redfern Legal Centre’s Health Justice Partnership. Brian has a particular interest in First Nations justice and is passionate about social justice and equality.
A man with light skin looks at the camera. He wears glasses and has short grey hair.
Kip is a lecturer in the School of Law at the University of New England. Kip’s specialty is disability legal issues and funding of community legal centres. He is the treasurer and long-standing member of North and Northwest Community Legal Service.
A white man in a suit and tie smiling slightly.
Jonathon is the CEO of Public Interest Advocacy Centre. He has practised for over 25 years in NSW and the Northern Territory in areas including discrimination and human rights, migration and refugee law, Aboriginal land rights, criminal law, and coronial inquests.