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Domestic or family violence
Elder abuse 
Financial abuse 
Sexual violence and assault

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What is an AVO? – Factsheet on Apprehended Violence Orders
Discover what an AVO is, if you can apply for one, and the consequences for the defendant.

AVOs and LGBTIQ+ communities 
For LGBTQI+ people who want to learn more about AVOs.

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Domestic or family violence

What is family violence?
Information on conduct that falls within the definition of family violence in family law and what you need to tell the court if you have experienced family violence.  

Protection against violence and harassment 
Understand domestic violence, Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders, and family law.

A practitioner’s guide to domestic violence law in NSW 
A plain-English guide to domestic violence law in New South Wales. 

'Domestic and family abuse' on Willow website (Women's Legal on the Go)

Domestic violence and AVOs – for Aboriginal women 
What is domestic violence, what is an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (ADVO), and how to get one.  

Domestic and family violence in LGBTIQ relationships 
Information for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, intersex and queer people who are experiencing or have experienced domestic or family violence.

Domestic violence and Centrelink
How domestic violence may impact your existing Centrelink payments, and the one-off payments you can receive if you are experiencing or at risk of family or domestic violence.

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Elder abuse 

Providing free and confidential telephone advice, aged care advocacy and support, legal advice and rights-based education forums to seniors across New South Wales. 

What is elder abuse? 
Information on elder abuse, which can take various forms, including: financial, physical, psychological, emotional and sexual abuse, or neglect.

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Financial abuse in intimate partner relationships 
Resources and recordings defining financial abuse and how to resolve different types of financial abuse.

Walking together resource – along the road to economic independence
Resource guide if you are a survivor of family violence, including how to resolve the negative impacts of economic abuse and financial hardship.

Untangling financial abuse for women escaping DV
This factsheet defines financial abuse and how to address it.

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Sexual violence and assault

Sex and dating 
Dating and relationships, sex and consent, and what to do if someone has done something that makes you uncomfortable. 

Protecting kids from sexual abuse 
Looking after kids, and the signs for what to do if a child discloses sexual abuse. 

Bad secrets
Info for kids and young people about child sexual abuse, being safe, and what to do if you feel unsafe or scared.