Jai McGaw: First Nations cadet 2023

Jai smiling in front of a painting of a flowering tree. He is wearing a navy blue suit. Underneath is a photo of Jai smiling out the front of Yerin Eleanore Duncan Aboriginal Health Centre with Yadhaba Solicitor Sarah Etherington.

Jai is a law and communications student taking his cadetship placement at Central Coast Community Legal Centre.

He is working closely with the Yadhaba team and Aboriginal community members at the local Aboriginal Medical Service in Central Coast Community Legal Centre's Health Justice Partnership.

Jai answered some questions about his experience:

1. What do you hope to get out of your cadetship?

"I look forward to getting an inside look into the legal system. I want to learn not just about legal processes, but about the different roles and responsibilities within the legal sector. Beyond that, I just look forward to working alongside the amazing people that work within the community legal centres and learning all that I can from them."

2. What is your particular interest in law?

"My main area of interest in law (which will very likely change as I continue my study) is human rights law. Beyond that, I enjoyed studying constitutional law at university, and have an interest in intellectual property law."

3. How are you enjoying the Cadetship Program so far?

"I feel very fortunate to be a part of the Cadetship Program, as I am getting opportunities that I wouldn't otherwise get access to. From attending the District Court to assisting with outreach clinics, to receiving direct supervision and feedback from solicitors."

4. What have you enjoyed the most?

"I have particularly enjoyed attending the outreach clinics, which have allowed me to witness legal advice sessions in person."

5. What would you love to be doing in five years?

"My goals and interests are likely to change as time goes on, but for now, I've fallen in love with the idea of working with a government-funded organisation such as CLCNSW. I believe I'd find a lot of fulfilment in providing legal advice and representation to those who need it the most, and the community legal centre system seems to be a perfect way to do that."

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