National CLCs Conference 2019


This year's National CLCs Conference is being held in Brisbane on 26-29 August, hosted by Community Legal Centres Queensland. This year's theme is 'Power, Purpose, Possibilities'.

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Many colleagues from community legal centres across NSW will be presenting, so come along and support the work of NSW centres at the National Conference. Here are the NSW presenters.

  • Employment Law Masterclass - Sharmilla Bargon (Redfern Legal Centre)
  • Exercising Power: Leadership - Jonathan Hunyor (Public Interest Advocacy Centre)
  • Voices For Change: Possibilities Provided By Royal Commission – Jonathan Hunyor (Public Interest Advocacy Centre)
  • Rebalancing Power: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace – Anita Hill, Maria Nawaz (Kingsford Legal Centre) and Sharmilla Bargon (Redfern Legal Centre)
  • Powerlines: The Needs of Women and Young People - Stacey McMillan (Mid North Coast Community Legal Centre)
  • What is good supervision? - Kim Richardson (Hunter Community Legal Centre)
  • NDIS Possibilities: A Pathway to Better Client Outcomes - Mitch Mulqueen and Dean McLaren (Intellectual Disability Rights Service)
  • Workshop by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women's Network - Bobbi Murray Central Coast Community Legal Centre) and Christine Robinson (Wirringa Baiya Aboriginal Women's Legal Centre)
  • Prisons and Policing: Dismantling Unjust Systems and Practices - Anna Dawson and Camilla Pandolfini (Public Interest Legal Centre)
  • Empowering Boards: Community Governance - Realistic Expectations and Risks – Laurel Draffen (Community Legal Centres NSW)
  • Dynamic Numbers: Finance 101– Charlotte Maung (Community Legal Centres NSW)
  • A Place to Call Home: Advancing the Rights of Refugee and Asylum Seeker People - Sarah Dale (Refugee Advice and Rights Service)
  • Power to the People: Consumer Law Rights – Alexandra Kelly (Financial Rights Legal Centre)

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Recently, the National Association of Community Legal Centres and Laurel Draffen (Community Legal Centres NSW) ran a webinar for conference presenters on Engaging Presentation Skills. Laurel shared her tips and tricks for effective public speaking and adult learning to an audience with varied experience.

Although designed for the National CLCs Conference, the content is applicable for anyone doing some level of public speaking and facilitation. You can watch the recorded webinar here (expires 7 September 2019)