Open letter on proposed changes to NSW Victims Support Scheme


28 April 2020

Dear Commissioner,

Collectively we represent the voices of thousands of victims-survivors of violence in NSW, including victims-survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, child sexual abuse, those impacted by homicide and their families.

We remain deeply concerned that these piecemeal reforms will deny victims-survivors of violence access to the supports they are entitled to and need. They are inconsistent with the NSW Government’s responsibility to provide inclusive services for clients.

We call for the proposed reforms not to proceed.

Dear Commissioner,

Collectively we represent the voices of thousands of victims-survivors of violence in NSW, including victims-survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, child sexual abuse, those impacted by homicide and their families.

We acknowledge and appreciate you having paused implementation of proposed reforms to the NSW Victims Support Scheme while you consult with stakeholders on their likely impacts.

We thank you for listening to our concerns about proposed evidence requirements. Your revised proposal to accept applications without all necessary evidence attached at time of lodging will ensure applicants are not prevented from meeting strict time limits.

However, we remain deeply concerned that other proposals in these piecemeal reforms will deny victims-survivors of violence access to the supports they are entitled to and need. They are inconsistent with the NSW Government’s responsibility to provide inclusive services for clients.

We understand the outcome of the review has not yet been decided.

We call for the proposed reforms not to proceed.

Instead, we recommend the statutory review of the Victims Rights and Support Act, which is due to take place anytime from May 2019 to May 2021, to commence immediately.

The review must include a comprehensive consultation process, including meaningful engagement with:

  • victims-survivors and their advocates, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities; migrant and refugee communities (including victims-survivors of violence on temporary visas); people with disability; people in prison; people who are homeless or transient; LGBTIQ+ communities; people living in regional, rural and remote areas; children and young people; older people; and family members of victims, including homicide victims
  • specialist domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, child sexual abuse and health services; and community legal services.
  • services providers, such as those providing approved counselling and documentary evidence to Victims Services, to help identify why some service providers are reluctant or unable to provide evidence to support an applicant

The process should include calling for people to identify issues of concern and propose solutions, with further consultations on any proposed solutions. Feedback must be sought in a range of ways - not just written comments - and take place over many months. A report outlining key findings and solutions and details of the consultation process must be published in a timely manner.

Any changes to the Victims Support Scheme must be victim-survivor led.

We therefore also recommend Victims Advisory Board members and the Victims of Crime Interagency members be actively engaged in the design of the next comprehensive review and that the effectiveness of the Scheme be a standing agenda item for every Victims Advisory Board and Victims of Crime Interagency meeting.

The hallmark of the NSW Victims Support Scheme when introduced in 2013 was to be its accessibility.

The Government-commissioned report on the previous NSW Victims Compensation scheme noted victims-survivors were supported to make applications. It recommended this support continue under any new scheme. The Government responded by appointing case coordinators within Victims Services to help applicants in a range of ways, including 'with the collection of the required evidence and lodgement of the claim application'.

It is vital that Victims Services continues to play this important role and is adequately funded to do so.

We do not understand the rationale for any further proposed changes or the urgency with which they are being implemented.

Every barrier put in a victim’s-survivor’s way will deter them from accessing the support they are entitled to and need.

Many victims-survivors forced to collect their own evidence or find their own counsellor will just give up. Applying for Victims Support will just be too hard due to the impact of complex trauma, literacy and language issues (including digital literacy issues), lack of access to a computer or the internet, cost and the additional requirement of an identification document.

Any reform should strengthen a system and be designed to be accessible for the most disadvantaged and marginalised, not reduce or remove support for those who most need it.

Given a comprehensive review of the Victims Support Scheme is required to commence soon, we recommend this occur before any further reforms are implemented.

Finally, we refer you to the letter from Community Legal Centres NSW dated 1 May 2020, which outlines concerns with the current proposed changes to the Victims Support Scheme and suggests possible solutions.

We look forward to continuing to work with you on seeking solutions that are victim-survivor led and best support victims-survivors.

Yours faithfully


  1. Women’s Legal Service NSW (Helen Campbell OAM, Executive Officer)
  2. Community Legal Centres NSW (Tim Leach, Executive Officer, Emily Hamilton, Acting Manager Advocacy & Communications, and Ingrid Rikkert, Regional Accreditation Coordinator)
  3. Elizabeth Evatt Community Legal Centre (Arlia Fleming, Managing Principal Solicitor; Liz Mulder, Board Member; Natalie Tomlins, Solicitor; and Irene Crowther, Solicitor)
  4. Wirringa Baiya Aboriginal Women’s Legal Centre (Christine Robinson, Co-ordinator)
  5. Western NSW Community Legal Centre (Patrick O'Callaghan, Principal Solicitor and Mili Edwards, Solicitor)
  6. Western Women’s Legal Support (Rachael Robertson, Senior Solicitor)
  7. Intellectual Disability Rights Service (Janene Cootes, Executive Officer, Intellectual Disability Rights Service)
  8. Macarthur Legal Centre (Christina Pirina, Principal Solicitor)
  9. Immigration Advice and Rights Centre (Gregory Rohan, Director)
  10. Homicide Victims’ Support Group (Aust) Inc. (Martha Jabour OAM, Executive Director)
  11. Illawarra Women’s Health Centre (Sally Stevenson, General Manager)
  12. Domestic Violence NSW (Monique Dam, Advocacy and Prevention Manager)
  13. Sydney Women's Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service (Susan Smith, Coordinator; Helen Shelton, Assistant Coordinator; Janice Waring, Assistant Co-ordinator; Jodie Lee; and Kathy Drane)
  14. South West Sydney Legal Centre (Yvette Vignando, CEO; Diana Chang, Board Member; Elly Raffo; and Rayila Maimaiti)
  15. Public Interest Advocacy Centre (Jonathon Hunyor, Chief Executive Officer)
  16. Hunter Community Legal Centre (Bronwyn Ambrogetti, Managing Solicitor)
  17. The Shopfront Youth Legal Centre (Jane Sanders, Principal Solicitor and Jacki Maxton, Senior Associate)
  18. Northern Rivers Community Legal Centre (Ken Beilby, Principal Solicitor; Alison Waters, Coordinator Women's Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service; Kimbah Pengelly, Solicitor; and Karin Ness)
  19. Mid North Coast Community Legal Centre (Jane Titterington, Principal Solicitor)
  20. Kingsford Legal Centre (Emma Golledge, Director; Dianne Anagnos, Principal Solicitor; Denise Wasley, Office Manager; Fiona Duane, Solicitor/Clinical Supervisor; Katrina Ironside, Solicitor; Tess Deegan, Solicitor Kingsford Legal Centre; Anita Will, Solicitor; Emma Anderson, Solicitor; Sean Bowes, Law Reform Solicitor; Roselle Nunes, Front Office Supervisor; Phillipa Reeves, Secondee Solicitor; and David Yalpi, Research Assistant)
  21. Women Lawyers’ Association of NSW Inc. (Kathryn McKenzie Executive Officer)
  22. Peninsula Lighthouse (Natasha McDowell, Secretary and CEO)
  23. National Older Women's Network Inc. (Aloma Fennell, President)
  24. Homelessness NSW (Katherine McKernan, Chief Executive Officer and Monique Wiseman, Senior Aboriginal Project Officer)
  25. West Connect Domestic Violence Services Inc. Katoomba (Sue Hendy, Manager)
  26. knowmore Legal Service (Warren Strange, Executive Officer and Jordan Daly, Lawyer)
  27. Redfern Legal Centre (Jo Shulman, Chief Executive Officer)
  28. Illawarra Legal Centre (Phillip Dicalfas, Principal Solicitor)
  29. People with Disability Australia (Romola Hollywood, Director Policy and Advocacy)
  30. Central Coast Community Legal Centre (Ryan Flippence, Principal Solicitor)
  31. Refugee Advice & Casework Service (Sarah Dale, Centre Director & Principal Solicitor)
  32. Sisters Housing Enterprises Inc. (Belinda McMahon, Manager)
  33. Warra Warra Legal Service (Leah Billeam, Principal Solicitor)
  34. Far West Community Legal Centre (Paul Walton, Principal Solicitor)
  35. Australian Lawyers for Human Rights (Kerry Weste, President)
  36. Western Sydney Community Legal Centre (Louise Coady, CEO; Michelle Ericoli, Outreach Solicitor; Jesse Skiller, Solicitor; Clare Mangiokas, Solicitor; and Samiha Alameddine)
  37. Shoalcoast Community Legal Centre (Emma Wood, Centre Director; Louisa Stewart, Solicitor; and Liz Dunlop, Solicitor)
  38. CatholicCare Diocese of Broken Bay (Lyn Ainsworth. Executive Director)
  39. Women's Justice Network (Gloria Larman, CEO)
  40. The Deli Women & Children's Centre (Vicki Johnston, Manager)
  41. The Equanimity Project (Australia) Limited (Karen R. Levin, Founder and CEO)
  42. Marrickville Legal Centre (Vasili Maroulis, Managing Principal Solicitor)
  43. Mountains Community Resource Network (Kris Newton, Manager)
  44. Women Chief Enterprise International (Varan Freestone, Director)
  45. Immigrant Women's Speakout Association (Jane Brock, Executive Officer)
  46. Women's Safety NSW (Hayley Foster, CEO)
  47. Settlement Services International (Violet Roumeliotis, CEO and Justine Harris, Clinical Practice Manager) 
  48. B Miles Women's Foundation (Kate Timmins, CEO)
  49. West Connect Domestic Violence Services (Catherine Gander, CEO)
  50. North and North West Community Legal Service (Terri King, Principal Solicitor; Nicholas Forrest, Solicitor; Natasha Carey; and Kathleen R Padgen)
  51. Cara House (Mary Jo McVeigh, CEO)
  52. Women's Health NSW (Denele Crozier, CEO)
  53. Belong Blue Mountains Community and Neighbourhood Services (Kathleen Harrison, CEO)
  54. Womens Centre For Health and Wellbeing Albury Wodonga (Teresa Law, CEO)
  55. Sydney Region Aboriginal Corporation (Katherine Schreyenberg, CEO)
  56. Advocacy Law Alliance (Mark Grierson, CEO)
  57. Liberty Domestic & Family Violence Services (Kelly Lamb, CEO)
  58. National Council of Single Mothers & their Children Inc. (Terese Edwards, CEO)
  59. Women's Activities and Self Help House Inc. (Catherine White, Executive Officer)
  60. Northern Rivers Women and Children's Services Inc. (Mary Willis, General Manager)
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  62. Maggie's Legacy Pty Ltd. (Mary Davenport, Proprietor)
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  66. YWCA Australia (Bobbie Trower, Senior Manager Advocacy)
  67. Lou's Place (Nicole Yade, General Manager)
  68. Economic Security4Women (Sharen Page)
  69. Harmony Alliance – Migrant and Refugee Women for Change (Dr Sana Ashraf, Secretariat Manager & Senior Policy Officer)
  70. Mudgin-gal Aboriginal Corporation (Ashlee Donohue, Administrator)
  71. No to Violence (Elise Phillips, NSW Sector Development Manager)
  72. Feminist Legal Clinic Inc. (Anna Kerr, Principal Solicitor)
  73. Multicultural Disability Advocacy Association of NSW (Alicia Rodriguez, Systemic Advocate & Policy Officer)
  74. Women in Adult and Vocational Education (Linda Simon, National Convenor)
  75. Macarthur Women's Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service (Tanya Whitehouse, Program Coordinator)
  76. Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia (Karen Willis, Executive Officer)
  77. Hunter Womens Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service (Suellyn Moore, Coordinator)
  78. Sydney Women's Counselling Centre (Margherita Basile, Manager)
  79. Trans and Gender Diverse Criminal Justice System Advisory Committee (Kaz Zinnetti, Chairperson)
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  85. Newtown Neighbourhood Centre (Liz Yeo, CEO; Paul Adabie, Housing Services Manager; Karen Hunter, Homelessness Services Coordinator; Christiane Poulos, Caseworker; Jessica Hulme Social Worker; Bria Hinder, Case Worker; and Georgia Carter)
  86. Access Health (John O’Callaghan, Managing Director)
  87. Family Services Australia (Gary Jackson, Managing Director & Company Secretary)
  88. Junction Neighbourhood Centre Inc. (Janet Green, General Manager) 
  89. St Vincent de Paul Society NSW (Jack deGroot, CEO and Linda Harris, Manager Call Centre)
  90. All Together Now (Priscilla Brice, Managing Director)


  1. Professor Julie Stubbs (Faculty of Law, University of NSW)
  2. Lesley Laing (Honorary Associate Professor, Sydney School of Education and Social Work, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Sydney)
  3. Dr Jane Wangmann (Senior Lecturer, University of Technology Sydney: Law)
  4. Terri Libesman (Associate Professor, University of Technology Sydney: Law)
  5. Professor Nan Seuffert (Professor of Law and Director, Legal Intersections Research Centre, University of Wollongong)
  6. Megan Jackson (Central West Women's Health Centre)
  7. Professor Katherine Biber (Professor of Law, University of Technology Sydney)
  8. Carol Brown (Aboriginal Community Liaison Officer, Department of Education)
  9. Leah Cervoni (NSW Health)
  10. Grace Thomas (Youth & Multicultural Community Project Officer, Randwick Council)
  11. Paul Berman (Manager, NSW Health - Child Wellbeing Unit)
  12. Maree Smith (Blue Mountains Women's Domestic Violence Advocacy Service)
  13. Lou Webber (Mid Coast WDVCAS)
  14. Maureen Gill (CASPA Family Supports, Casino)
  15. Breanna Sommerton (Domestic & Family Violence Specialist Worker, Northern Sydney WDVCAS)
  16. Diana Kearney (Case Worker, DCJ)
  17. Kara Longman (Domestic violence survivor and community service worker, Central West Women's Health Centre)
  18. Lorraine Prentice (Senior Generalist Counsellor, Central West Women's Health Centre )
  19. Faye Starr (Finance Officer, Central Womens Health Centre)
  20. Ann Jones (Coordinator, Riverina WDVCAS)
  21. Ann-Marie Brittain (Health Promotion Worker, Central West Women's Health Centre)
  22. Rachel Weir (Caseworker, Macarthur Women's Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service)
  23. Nadia Graham (Youth Focussed Case Worker, Macarthur Women's Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service)
  24. Ash Johnstone (IWDVCAS)
  25. Andrea Gomes (Senior Youth Worker, Youth Off The Streets)
  26. Vassilka Dimitrova-Isbell (Specialist Counsellor, Sydney Womens Counselling Centre)
  27. Gabriella (Parramatta Womens Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service)
  28. Anita Rajaretnam (Intake and Referral Officer, Sydney WDVCAS)
  29. Carol Ann Ronken (Director of Research, Bravehearts Foundation)
  30. Jessica Matthews (Youth and Family Specialist Case Manager, Campbell Page)
  31. Melissa Reil (Manager, DVRE & Macarthur Case Management & Accommodation Services- Vinnies)
  32. Katie Young (Clinical Governance Manager, Women's and Girls' Emergency Centre)
  33. Keely Oste (Women's Program Coordinator, Banksia Women (SJCS))
  34. Bianca (Intake and Referral Officer, Sydney Women's Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service)
  35. Bianca Dubb (Caseworker, Jewish Care)
  36. Amie Davidson (Intake and Referral Officer, Sydney WDVCAS)
  37. Clare Darling (Health Promotion Worker, Blue Mountains Women's Health and Resource Centre)
  38. Evelyn Chan (Sydney Women's Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service)
  39. Lisa Minchenko (Caseworker, Nurreen Wentworth Community Housing)
  40. Sandra Sheridan (Assistant Coordinator, Mid Coast Women's Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service)
  41. Clare Blanch (Support Services Co-ordinator, Homicide Victims' Support Group (Aus) Inc.)
  42. Louise Francis (Lismore Women and Children's Refuge)
  43. Sabrina Singh
  44. Associate Professor Penny Crofts (University of Technology Sydney)
  45. Rachel Brady (Caseworker, Barnados)
  46. Mardi Wilson (Domestic Violence Support and Advocacy Worker, Men and Family Centre)
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  48. Carole Ashmore (Family Referral Worker, Family Referral Services)
  49. Associate Professor Tracey Booth (University of Technology Sydney)
  50. Pat Saul (Case Manager, Momentum Collective)
  51. Sushila Karki (University of Technology Sydney)
  52. Lynda Williams (Aboriginal Family Worker, Barnados)
  53. Susan Brown
  54. Kim Bailey (Lecturer in Law, Charles Sturt University)
  55. Miranda Kaye (Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Technology Sydney)
  56. Miranda Batchelor (Community Liaison and Client Support Manager, Illawarra Women's Health Centre)
  57. Melinda Leves (Community Development Officer, The Hub @ Lexo)
  58. Natalie Smee (Safety Action Meeting Coordinator, Warrina Domestic & Family Violence Specialist Services)
  59. Annemarie Moon (Case Worker - Child Protection, Barnados)
  60. Teena Roberts (Case Worker, Momentum Collective)
  61. Soghra Moradi (Community  Development  Coordinator, Shakti Migrant And Refugee Women's Support Group)
  62. Alastair (Family Referral Worker, Barnardos Australia)
  63. Jane Davies (Coordinator, Armidale Volunteer Referral Service)
  64. Uma Menon (Convenor, Hills Domestic Violence Prevention Network)
  65. Anita Cox (Coordinator, Blue Mountains Women's Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service)
  66. Pearl Holmes (Family Support Worker, Pathfinders-Family Referral Service)
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  68.  Bron Jackman (Lecturer, University of New England)
  69. Cathryn Squire
  70. Cassandra Cutmore (Homelessness Case Worker , TFSS)
  71. Georgina Purcell (Social Worker, Samaritans)
  72. Erin (TFSS)
  73. Amie Burbidge (Transitional Case Worker, Tamworth Family Support Services)
  74. Jasmine (Intake and Referral Officer, WDVCAS)
  75. Wendy McLennan (Finance/IT Coordinator, Armidale Women's Homelessness Support Service)
  76. Farhan Khalil (Chaplain, Australian International Academy)
  77. Alexandra Wells (Family Advisor, Relationships Australia)
  78. Jordan (Caseworker, Tamworth Family Support Service)
  79. Associate Professor Karen O'Connell (University of Technology Sydney)
  80. Donna McGushin (Counsellor, HNEHealth)
  81. Amber (Caseworker, TFSS)
  82. Greg Barton (TFSS)
  83. Kim Davies (Caseworker, Tamworth Family Support Service)
  84. Michael Menzel (Child & Family Practitioner, The Benevolent Society)
  85. Sharon So
  86. Samantha (Child and Family Practitioner, The Benevolent Society)
  87. Beverley Sales (Senior Caseworker, Department of Communities and Justice)
  88. Alison Kim (Community Development Office, Lithgow City Council)
  89. Caitlin Smith (Youth Job Coach, BEST)
  90. Seema Sanghi (CLSD Hunter Coordinator, Advocacy Law Alliance)
  91. Mark Nolan (Director, Centre for Law and Justice, Charles Sturt University)
  92. Kye Single (Family Support Worker, Armidale Family Support)
  93. Emma Colvin (Senior Lecturer, Centre for Law and Justice, Charles Sturt University)
  94. Natalie Posada (DV case manager/ counsellor, Bondi Beach Cottage)
  95. Jusinta Collins (Youth Worker, EACH)
  96. Louise Sicard (Lecturer, Charles Sturt University)
  97. Krystle Scott (Community and Outreach Coordinator, Sydney Region Aboriginal Corporation)
  98. Shalisa Brewster (Operations Manager, Sydney Region Aboriginal Corporation) 
  99. Viviann Morris (Aboriginal Advocate,  Sydney Region Aboriginal Corporation)
  100. Professor Judy Cashmore AO (Professor of Socio-legal Research and Policy, Sydney Law School)
  101. Sarah Breusch (Solicitor and Clinical Teacher, University of Newcastle)
  102. Taiana Waddell Scanlan (Services Coordinator, Sydney Region Aboriginal Corporation)
  103. Serena Yam (Project Coordinator, Helping Hand - 2connect)
  104. Judith Duncan (Community Engagement Officer, Aboriginal Legal Service,  Just Reinvestment)
  105. Simone Thackray (Academic)
  106. Jenny Hansen (Lawyer)
  107. Emma Nelson
  108. Crystal (Domestic Violence Caseworker, Momentum Collective)
  109. Prue Hargrove (Aged and Disability Services Development Officer, Blue Mountains City Council)
  110. Dr Amy Barrow (Senior Lecturer,  Macquarie Law School)
  111. Andrea O'Meley (Veterinary nurse) 
  112. Natasha Allan (Family Support Worker, TFSS)
  113. Dr Hannah Harris (Lecturer, Macquarie University Law School)
  114. Jerome McClintock (Solicitor)
  115. Elizabeth Evatt
  116. Julia Epstein (Solicitor, Aboriginal Legal Service)
  117. Nisha (NDIS Support Coordinator,  Stride for Better Mental Health) 
  118. Jane Attard-Taylor (Operations Coordinator, Women's Activities and Self Help House)
  119. Shirley Randell (Ambassador, Dignity Ltd)
  120. Donnah Chown (Client Service Worker - Family Support, Cowra Information & Neighbourhood Centre - Family Support)
  121. Mariam James (Project Officer, Immigrant Women's Speakout Association of NSW)
  122. Patricia Browne (Chairperson, Central West Women's Health Centre)
  123. Claire Tolentino (Domestic Violence Caseworker, Mount Druitt Family Violence Service)
  124. Anni Gallagher
  125. Harold Ritch (Manager, Pedal Early Childhood Intervention Service Inc.)
  126. Angelina Jha Trajkova (Family Caseworker,  Metro Assist) 
  127. Della Wythes (Case Manager, Vinnies)
  128. Amara Bartlett (Specialist Domestic Violence Caseworker, Women Up North Housing)
  129. Fiona Lindsay (Orange Homeless and Housing Service - Caseworker, Housing Plus)
  130. Nga Nguyen (Settlement Program Officer, Metro Assist) 
  131. Amelia Walker (Clinic Manager, Gidget Foundation)
  132. Donna Carroll (Senior Aboriginal Advocate,  Sydney Region Aboriginal Corporation)
  133. Maria Rodriguez (Caseworker, Moving Forward DFV Case Management Services Inc.)
  134. Natasha Tillman (Senior Project Officer, Department of Communities and Justice)’
  135. Samantha Airs (Community Engagement Coordinator, Settlement Services International)
  136. Moreen Nesbitt
  137. Jen Johnston  
  138. Maggie Bushel  
  139. Dale Garbutt (Youth & Family Worker, Multicultural Neighbourhood Centre)
  140. Julie Hoffmannbeck (Aboriginal Specialist Caseworker, Macarthur Women's Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service)
  141. Shaquille Robinson (Wirringa Baiya Aboriginal Women's Legal Centre) 
  142. Sophie Corbett (Gateway Family Services) 
  143. Elizabeth Davies  (Practitioner/Researcher, Private practice/Australian Catholic University)
  144. Louise Cormie (Financial Counsellor, CCWF)
  145. Julianne Elliott
  146. Kerry Wright (Lawyer)
  147. Kelly Paton
  148. Treena Cutmore (Health Promotion, Aboriginal Medical Service Redfern)
  149. Haley Booth (Wellbeing Care Coordinator, Backtrack Youth Works)
  150. Justin Giles (Student, University of Sydney)
  151. Antony Deiter
  152. Arnoldi Myriam 
  153. David Jones (Executive Partner, Caroll & O'Dea Lawyers)
  154. Alys McLennan (Trauma Therapist, Cara House)
  155. Leah Bartlett (Early Childhood Teacher, Urban Education)
  156. Louise Hammond (Aboriginal Consultant)
  157. Beth Cronin (Clinical Manager, Heartfelt House)
  158. Jesse Campbell-Brown
  159. Sophie Harvey (Board Member, WAYS Youth and Family)
  160. Kiri Wright
  161. Kathy Haigh (Registered Nurse)
  162. Laraine Sinclair (ASS Coordinator,  NCWDVCAS)
  163. Paula Staples
  164. Caitlin Rose Heaney
  165. Dan Zayit
  166. Laura Vidal (PhD Candidate, Monash University)
  167. Amanda Boyd (Trauma Counsellor /Social Worker)
  168. Katie McCarthy (CAAFLU)
  169. Dr Nicole L Asquith (Associate Professor of Policing and Criminal Justice, Western Sydney University)
  170. Darren Smith (Researcher, The University of Sydney)
  171. Tahlia Zayit
  172. Ella Stacy
  173. Martina (Social Worker)
  174. Nicole Neilson
  175. Lisa Dunn
  176. Synthia Huynh
  177. Jorja Martin (Engineer)
  178. Mieke van Opstal
  179. Tully Rosen
  180. Cynthia Grahame (Solicitor, Dawson & Gardiner)
  181. Michelle Westgate
  182. Luke Fitzpatrick
  183. Kate Marijan (Coordinator, Mission Australia Court Support Service)
  184. Marta Nottidge (Solicitor & Director, Sui Juris Lawyers)
  185. Monique van Toor (Disability Advocate)
  186. Vicki Jennar (Mental Health Support Worker, Billabong Clubhouse)
  187. Krystle Rowley (Support Worker, Anglicare)
  188. Carmel Brown (Teacher of Community Services, TAFE NSW)
  189. Deonne Kinney (Manager, Lithgow Community Projects)
  190. Shirley Kirkmann
  191. Rebecca Butler (Community Development Worker, TFSS)
  192. Kim Fenwick (Multicultural Community Liaison Officer, NSW Police Force)
  193. Roweena Moffatt (Manager, Benevolent Society
  194. Nikki Perry (Tenant Advocate Southern Sydney Tenants Advice and Advocacy Service)
  195. Karen McKenzie (Manager, Specialist Domestic Violence Programs, Carrie's Place Domestic Violence and Homelessness Services Inc.)
  196. Amani Haydar (Artist, Writer)
  197. Anna Azcuna (Tenant Advocate SSTAAS)
  198. Rebecca Dominguez (Senior Associate, Baker McKenzie)
  199. Christine Alogdellis (Aboriginal Ability Linker, Sydney Region Aboriginal Corporation)
  200. Kate Gillingham (Partner, Baker McKenzie)
  201. Anita Curtis (Student)
  202. Julie Grigoriadis (Child Protection Caseworker, Community Services)
  203. Aiden Bostelaar (Cleaner)
  204. Kim Blattner (Administration Officer, Women's Health NSW)
  205. Jennifer Rowalnd (Nursing Assistant and studying Cert IV Mental Health)
  206. Ange Endersby (Coordinator HV, WDVCAS, Carrie's Place)
  207. Morgana Thomas (Social Worker, Gateway Family Services)
  208. Renee Leslie (Aboriginal Sexual Assault Worker, NSW Health South Western Sydney Local health District)
  209. Joann Bostock (Aboriginal Family Support Worker, Barnardos Aboriginal Early Years)
  210. Pedro Sousa (Facilitator, Centacare New England North West
  211. Jean Atty Caseworker Metro Assist)
  212. Emma Nicholson (Family Support Worker, DCJ Funded Early Intervention Gateway Family Services)
  213. Patricia Zayit 
  214. Amanda Dean (Logistics Manager, Defence) 
  215. Mel Wojtas Speaker (Consultant)
  216. Leonie Kengike (Caseworker DCJ - Community Services)
  217. Mel Olsen (Anti-violence Project Worker, The Womens Cottage)
  218. Gary Fuss (Command Warrant Officer, Defence)
  219. Naomi Quinton (Case Manager, South East Women and Children’s Service’s)
  220. Donna Thom (Support Worker, Family Referral Service)
  221. Lauren Alla (Domestic and Family Violence Caseworker, Mission Australia)
  222. Angie Gleeson (Redress Scheme Counsellor/Caseworker, The Women’s Cottage Richmond)
  223. Sylvia Calov (Regeistered Nurse) 
  224. Tom Zayit (Designer)
  225. Wendy (Coordinator, North Coast WDVCAS)
  226. Dr Janet Ramsay (Retired)
  227. Vanessa Cain (Child and Family Practitioner)
  228. Sherry Midgley (GM, People and Culture)
  229. Grace Jennings (Social Worker, Top Blokes Foundation)
  230. Donna Walsh (Child & Family Health Nurse, ISLHD)
  231. Liz Smith (Children's Community Development Worker, Mountains Outreach Community Service)
  232. Jessica Reed (Crisis Worker, The Womens Cottage)
  233. Jill Carlson-Beardall (Team Leader, Gateway Family Services)
  234. Nikki Iervasi 
  235. Tania Smith (Shelter Manager, Parramatta Women's Shelter)
  236. Kelly Haines (Casework Support, Women’s Cottage Richmond) 
  237. Barbara Henery (Volunteer, Jessie Street National Womens Library)
  238. Janene Holt (Women and Children's Advocate in Men's Behaviour Change Program Anglicare)
  239. Suzanne Marks
  240. Catherine Waters
  241. Denise Hunter (Founding Director, Safe Haven Community) 
  242. Alan Robinson (Solicitor)
  243. Clare Sheehan (Criminal Justice Advocate, DVCS)
  244. Dr Christine Jennett (President City Branch, Graduate Women NSW)
  245. Kyllie Cripps (Senior Lecturer Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales)
  246. Amy
  247. Annette Roehrs (Case Manager, Carrie's Place)
  248. Krystal-Ann Radford
  249. Sherri Hilario
  250. Debbie Barling (Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, Older Persons Mental Health Service)
  251. Rae Fiechter (Office Administration Manager, Central Coast Community Legal Centre)
  252. Glenn Krone (Senior Social Worker)
  253. Robyn James (Coordinator, Newcastle Domestic Violence Resource Centre)
  254. Christine Sky (Adult Support Worker, Armadale Womens' Homelesness Support Service)
  255. Kimballey Thams (Lawyer, Sui Juris Lawyers)
  256. Ella (Student)
  257. Kristy Fisher (Assistant Coordinator, WDVCAS)
  258. Shubha Kumar (President, India Club)
  259. Anthony Weaver (Clinical Psychologist, Private Practice)
  260. Natalie Roberts (Student, Community Services)
  261. Andrea Butler (Social Worker)
  262. Trish Luker (Senior Lecturer, University of Technology Sydney)
  263. Yvet Jones (Multicultural Specialist Worker)
  264. Lesley Radnidge (Domestic Violence Case worker, Nova for Women & Children)
  265. Liz O'Connell (Program Manager, Domestic and Family Violence Program -Shellharbour & Nowra Mission Australia)
  266. Jeff Rich (Intake and Triage Coordinator (Homelessness Service), Housing Plus)
  267. Mariette Curcuruto Dunlevy (Board Member, ALA)
  268. Tracey Willow
  269. Emily Stuart
  270. Amelia Pearce (Student)
  271. Nina Digiglio (Registered Nurse, Parkinson's NSW)
  272. Sheelagh  Hearn
  273. Nicole Jones (Domestic and Family Violence Caseworker, Mission Australia)
  274. Brooke (Social Worker, CareSouth)
  275. Alison Pembrey (Outreach Case Manager, SAHSSI)
  276. Jessica (Beautician)
  277. Monica Purcell (Social Worker)
  278. Bonnie Le Compte (Social Worker)
  279. Roz Smee (Case Manager - DV Program, Eastlakes Family Support) 
  280. Jackleen 
  281. J Granelli
  282. Skyla (Dance Teacher) 
  283. Jamie-lee Stevens (Social Worker) 
  284. Eleni 
  285. Lauren Baker
  286. Ava Jeffrey 
  287. Cherise Counellor (Catholiccare)
  288. Penny Warneford 
  289. Bronwen Myers (Social Worker, Health Service)
  290. Denise Buiten (Senior Lecturer, University of Notre Dame)
  291. Rebecca Jones
  292. Sharyl Scott (Governor, District 24 Zonta International)
  293. Belinda Reeves (Social media influencer/entertainer/survivor of DV AND CHILD ABUSE Fearless_mummy_bella)
  294. Antonia Heitmeyer (Disability Support Worker)
  295. Jarrod (CEO, Mega Corp)
  296. Jessica Morath (Pro Bono Partner, Clayton Utz)
  297. Lee Purches (Senior Social Worker (Casual), Royal Far West)
  298. Jennifer Cameron
  299. Bonnie Cassen (Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner)
  300. Sarah
  301. Sharon (Retail Team Member, B.C.F Boating, Fishing, Camping)
  302. Aadi Ganesan (Sonographer)
  303. Cath Dunn (Social Worker, NSW Health) 
  304. Murray Mayes (Disability Policy and Advocacy Volunteer)
  305. Eleanor Johnson (Social Worker, NSW Health)
  306. Rowena Bradshaw (Specialist Domestic Violence Caseworker, YWCA Australia)
  307. Hayley Law 
  308. Lynette Turner (Child Protection Counsellor, WNSWLHD)
  309. Linda Lemon (Snr Caseworker, Lisa Harnum Foundation)
  310. Amanda Miller
  311. Penni Wildi (Domestic Violence Coordinator, Waminda South Coast Women's Health & Welfare Aboriginal Corporation)
  312. Jayda Tham (Midwife)
  313. Alysha Karraz (Social Worker)
  314. Alana Aligiannis (Care/Support Worker, RSL Lifecare)
  315. Celina Gregory (Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Anglicare/Nowra Family Relationship Centre)
  316. Hai-Van Nguyen (Pro Bono Senior Associate, Clayton Utz)
  317. Kimberly Chiswell (Social Worker, Waminda)
  318. Terrence Farrell (Retired)
  319. Sam Watkins (Social Work Student, University of Newcastle)
  320. Stephanie Skafte (Home Intervention Program For Parents and Youngsters, TFSS)
  321. Roger Yeo (Retired)
  322. Cheryl Watkins (Retired Intake Worker / Family Advisor, Uniting)
  323. Tess Fernan (Pro Bono Lawyer, Clayton Utz)
  324. Linda Marsonet (Assistant Manager Strategy, Parramatta Holroyd Family Support Inc.) 
  325. El Keulemans (Social Worker/Sexual Assault Counsellor HNELHD)
  326. Jodie Bullock (Australian Survivors of Narcissists)
  327. Helen Jones (Reception/Administration UMFC)
  328. Lynette Edwards (Volunteer Court Support Qld)
  329. Angela Maxwell (Manager, Pottsville Beach Neighbourhood Centre)
  330. Drea (Sexual Assault Counsellor)
  331. Laura Gallaway (Disability Support Coordinator, Enable)
  332. Cathrine Napier (Child Protection Technical Advisor, ECPAT)
  333. Tegan Hardy
  334. David McNamara
  335. Lizzie Wong (DV Specialist Worker, Family Advocacy and Support Services)
  336. Alexandra Duffy (President, PHFS Management Committee Parramatta Holroyd Family Support Inc.)
  337. Elizabeth Davy
  338. Sarah Cherlin
  339. Bronwyn (Primary Teacher)
  340. Darja Shirazi
  341. Madeleine Smith
  342. Lea Shannon
  343. Lauren Flint
  344. Natalie Fogg (Teacher, Catholic  Education Parramatta)
  345. Tabitha Parry (Early Childhood Educator)
  346. Dianne Rutherford (Retired)
  347. Mandy Maher (Family support Worker, Eastlakes Family Support Service)
  348. Holly (Early Childhood Teacher, Hunter New England Health)
  349. Tania Patterson (Naturopath)
  350. Wendy Cosier (Child and Family Worker Parramatta/Holroyd Family Support)
  351. Nicola Horton (Family Support Worker, Gateway Family Services)
  352. Matilda (Social Worker)
  353. Dr Amanda Cohn (Chair, Border Domestic Violence Network)
  354. Sarah Dillane (Specialist Counsellor/Caseworker, Redress Support Service National Redress Scheme)
  355. Carmelita Bongco (Acting President, NSW Network of Women with Disability)
  356. Ms Trish Doyle MP (Shadow Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence  and Member for Blue Mountains, NSW Parliament)
  357. Christina C (Child & Family Practitioner, The Benevolent Society)
  358. Nicole Staats (Senior Practitioner - Womens Health, The Benevolent Society)
  359. Brenda Lennon (Team Leader - Intake DV Crisis and Staying Home Leaving Violence, The Benevolent Society)
  360. Fiona Koutsoukis (Counsellor Centre for Women’s, Children’s and Family Health, The Benevolent Society)
  361. Keri Fuller
  362. Danica (Mental Health Support Worker, Momentum Collective)
  363. Angela Sutton
  364. Simon Johnson (Unemployed) 
  365. Fiona Robson
  366. Avia Tonna
  367. Katherine Chork (Law Student, University of New South Wales)
  368. Tamika
  369. Tammy Hitchcock (Dental Assistant)
  370. Mikaela (Childcare worker)
  371. Amanda Webb (Counsellor and University Lecturer)
  372. Melanie Wells (Communications Manager, Services Australia)
  373. Courtney Sutton (Dental Assistant)
  374. Rebecca Olive
  375. Mandii Lesslie (Child and Family Case Worker, Barnardos Australia)
  376. Rosalie Taylor (Secretary, Homicide Victims' Support Group)
  377. Greg Franklin
  378. Chantelle Tolomeo (Counsellor, Homicide Victim Support Group)
  379. Kerry (Transcription Typist, Legal Transcripts Pty Ltd.)
  380. Philippa Hall (Convenor Women's Electoral Lobby)
  381. Monica Lihou (Carer)
  382. S Adams (Family Support Worker)
  383. Patricia Pérez 
  384. Tanya Jackson-Vaughan (NFP leader)
  385. Peter Frick
  386. Michaela Maree (Trauma and Bereavement Counsellor, Homicide Victims Support Group)
  387. Beatrice Kwok
  388. Catherine Zhao (Lawyer, knowmore legal service)
  389. Maria Nawaz (Acting Head of Strategic Litigation Grata Fund)
  390. Julian McMahon (Solicitor)
  391. Noelle Donnnelly (Senior Witness Assistance Service Officer, Witness Assistance Service - DPP)
  392. Julie Ashby (Defence Case Worker, Sutherland Shire Family Services)
  393. Naomi Quinton (Case Manager, SEWACS)
  394. Ellisa Cluff
  395. Ellen O'Brien
  396. Marie Simonovski (Financial Counsellor, Uniting)
  397. Amy Jacometti (Counsellor)
  398. Harrison Chen (Associate, Baker McKenzie)
  399. Joanna Burnett (Social Worker, Joanna Burnett)
  400. Catherine Schreuder (Intensive Family Preservation Worker ,Sutherland Shire Family Services)
  401. Jasmine Johnson (Senior Solicitor Domestic Violence Unit, Legal Aid)
  402. Lyndal Spear (Principal Solicitor, Southern Cross Legal Service)
  403. Jayson Cooke (Consultant)
  404. Cassandra (RN)
  405. Katie Stone (Victim)
  406. Bianca Brant (Carer for profoundly disabled son)
  407. Melanie Tang (Lawyer)
  408. Janelle Merry
  409. Ashley Howard
  410. Tracie Konc (Financial Counsellor Moneycare, The Salvation Army)
  411. Sylvie Millard (Solicitor I-III Legal Aid NSW)
  412. Esther Le Couteur (Office Administrator, In Good Faith Foundation)
  413. Wendee Osborne (Concerned mother, grandmother and Aunt. I'm an individual, a voice in the wilderness)
  414. Tania Gorton (Psychologist, Nova Psychology)
  415. Sharon Payne (Psychotherapist/Group facilitator)
  416. Daniel Clint Taunton
  417. Bodhi Connor (Social Worker Ms)
  418. Kia Adlington (Paralegal)
  419. Steve Weir (Data Analyst / Lawyer Weflo)
  420. Jewel Jones (Counsellor)
  421. Melanie Louise Dodds
  422. Rebecca Gillon (Electorate Officer)
  423. Melanie Borg (House Parent at Youth Refuge TFSS)
  424. Rhianna Keen
  425. Pooja Karki (Open Support)
  426. Amanda Brooker
  427. Charlotte Smee
  428. Sarah King
  429. Shannon Project Officer
  430. Rayanne
  431. Katharine Cusack Presentation Specialist Grant Samuel
  432. Sarah Steen
  433. Amelia Pace (Social Worker, Legal Aid NSW Domestic Violence Unit)
  434. Ramona Hewitt (Clinical Psychologist)
  435. Hannah Aroni (Case Worker, In Good Faith Foundation)
  436. Eliza Edwards
  437. Leigh (Youth Homelessness - Case Manager, TFSS)
  438. Marisa Rizk (Witness Assistance Service Officer, ODPP)
  439. Sonya 
  440. Debbie Gaudie (Program Coordinator, Binaal Billa Family Violence Legal Prevention Service)
  441. Francesca Crittle
  442. Deanne Anderson (Aboriginal Health Practitioner / Family Violence Specialist, Yoorana Gunya Aboriginal Healing Centre)
  443. Michelle O'Callaghan
  444. Kirsty Steel
  445. Andrew Stewart (Director, Barrisol)
  446. Tracey Browning
  447. Emma (stay at home mum)
  448. Tim O'Callaghan
  449. Kade Goodwin (Operations Officer)
  450. Deborah Bailey (Teacher, Catholic Schools Lismore)
  451. Jo  O'Callaghan
  452. Andrew Livingston 
  453. Jayne Bleechmore (Practice Liaison and Support Officer, G P Synergy)
  454. Susan Flynn (Pro Bono Lawyer, Clayton Utz)
  455. Samuel Martin
  456. Kimbah Pengelly Solicitor Northern Rivers Communnity Legal Centre
  457. Renee Pritchard 
  458. Noel P Mullr Lived Experience Expert
  459. Camille Bryant (Mother)
  460. Sarah May Person
  461. Emily Simmons (Educational Developer, UNSW)
  462. Linda Goff
  463. Kate Appleyard (Case Manager, Anglicare)
  464. Anne Murphy (Retired)
  465. Vivienne Guo (Women’s Officer, University of Sydney Student Representative Council)
  466. Ellie Wilson (Women’s Officer, USyd SRC)
  467. Sandra Warn (Clinical Social Worker, Mental Health private practice)
  468. Kim 
  469. Rowan Kernebone (Disability Advocate, Disability Advocacy NSW)
  470. Sharon Callaghan (Advocate, ASU)
  471. Mel Wojtas (Survivor-Advocate)
  472. Catherine Tracey
  473. Lacy Lothian
  474. Caroline Hale 
  475. Paula Abram (Trauma professional)
  476. Sandra Campbell (Care Worker)
  477. Catherine McDowall (Social work student)
  478. Fiona Robson
  479. Sarah Wayland (Academic, University of Sydney)
  480. Peter McNeill (Business Development Manager, Total Tools)
  481. Michelle Anderson (Sports Administrator, St George Oztag)
  482. Eleni Gerassis (Director)
  483. Nic Booth
  484. Linda Steele (Senior Lecturer Faculty of Law,  UTS)
  485. Martha Henderson (Retired)
  486. Ranes Nagaretnam (Delivery Driver, Aust Post)
  487. Claire Shew (Victim)
  488. Ellen Hrebeniuk (Librarian)
  489. Tina Dowse
  490. Andie Lam (Solicitor, Andie Lam Lawyers)
  491. Janice Le Solicitor
  492. Michelle Redshaw
  493. Norman Kitto (Retired)
  494. Trung Doan (Ambassador, Viet Labor Movement)
  495. Dinh Tran (President, Vietnamese Australian Lawyers Association)
  496. Hayley Phillips
  497. Jeni Law (Retired police officer and counsellor for Homicide Victims’ Support Group NSWPF & HVSG)
  498. Dee Whitfield
  499. Monica Fraser
  500. Louise Conry
  501. Rosa Loria (CEO, Sydney Multicultural Community Services)
  502. Cathy Morcom (Disability Support Worker, CACare)
  503. Carol Arrowsmith (Age and Disability Specialist, Bayside Council)
  504. Eleanor
  505. Jean Marshall
  506. Sarah Lloyd (Child and family practitioner, The Benevolent Society)
  507. Elise Christian (Disability support worker)
  508. Daryl Shewman
  509. Kristine Shepherd (Counsellor, RANSW)
  510. Danielle Village (Administrator, Lendlease)
  511. De Oscini
  512. Jane Smith
  513. Yasemin Secim Yotuh (Worker, Bayside Council) 
  514. Tracey Tran (Solicitor, Legal Life Lawyers)
  515. Alexandra Samootin (Victim)
  516. Belinda Shead
  517. Mary Tran
  518. Diane Spencer (Teacher)
  519. Sue (Social Worker)
  520. Sandi Forrester (Support Worker, CSNSW)
  521. Jacob Perkes
  522. Robyn Pearce 
  523. Marie-Pierre Cleret (Psychotherapist, Marie-Pierre Cleret Pty Ltd.)
  524. Samuel Russell (Postie, Australia Post)
  525. Jennifer Morrison
  526. Beattie Tow
  527. Corinne Henderson (Principal Advisor / Policy & Legislative Reform, Mental Health Coordinating Council)
  528. Jennifer Stehensen
  529. Julie Worsfold (Child & Family Health Nurse)
  530. Amy Mackenzie (Child and Family Health Nurse)
  531. Sandra Miller
  532. Basudha Karki (Senior Community Development Officer, Sydney Multicultural Community Services)
  533. Ingrid Peters (Clinical Psychologist)
  534. Angie Garnett (Community Engagement Facilitator, JNC)
  535. Betty Green 
  536. Tara Kunkun (Community Corrections CSNSW)
  537. Stijn Denayer
  538. Lola Cunningham (Aboriginal Health Worker, Sydney Children's Hospital Randwick)

Take further action

We need to keep the pressure on to stop these regressive reforms.

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We also urge you to contact the following people, asking them to scrap these reforms.

  • Your local MP. You can search for your local MP here and you can use this template letter.
  • Attorney General and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence Mark Speakman: click here
  • Commissioner Victims’ Rights Michelle Vaughan: click here