2005/2006 CCLCG (NSW) Annual Report


The Annual Report for the Combined Community Legal Centres' Group, for the 2005-2006 financial year.


Chairperson's Report:

The State Office of the CCLCG continues to play a critical role in the law and justice sector in New South Wales. As the peak body for 39 member community legal centres (CLCs) in New South Wales, the CCLCG represents CLCs in a diverse range of community and government forums.

During this financial year we continued to consolidate the work of past years and developed a number of new and innovative projects such as:

  • Finalised the CLC response to the Commonwealth/State Review of NSW CLCs
  • Commissioned an Economic Value Report from the UTS Institute of Sustainable Futures to illustrate the value of CLCs
  • Continued to work in partnership with the Legal Aid Commission on a number of projects including the Co-operative Legal Service Delivery Model (CLSDM)
  • Finalised the review of all State Office policies and procedures
  • Developed an Enterprise Agreement for staff of the State Office
  • Commissioned the CCLCG Employment Rights Project
  • Finalised the redrafting of the CCLCG membership guidelines and constitution
  • Lobbied for additional funding to cover the salary increases to the NSW Social and Community Services Award (SACS)

In 2005, I was elected Deputy Chair of the newly created NSW Legal Assistance Forum. NLAF aims to promote collaboration and co-ordination in the development of legal services in NSW, specifically in relation to legal services for disadvantaged people. It includes the peak representative bodies with responsibility for the delivery of legal assistance, and specialist organisations dealing with a wide range of legal issues.

The State Office is extremely fortunate to employ staff who continue to amaze all with their energy and dedication to everything they do. On behalf of the Board our sincere thanks to Polly Porteous, Alison Aggarwal, Jean Parker and Carol Roberts for their enthusiasm and commitment to the sector.

On behalf of the Board I would like to that the following individuals and organisations for their continued support of the State Office during 2005-2006:

  • Dennis Roach, CLC Funding Program Manager, Legal Aid Commission for his continued support of the State Office and the community legal centre program
  • Julie Bishop, Director, National Association of CLCs
  • Geoff Mulherin and Sue Scott from the Law and Justice Foundation of NSW
  • Louise Blasejowska and Bill Grant from the Legal Aid Commission
  • Ben Benson, solicitor from Henry Davis York for assistance with redrafting the constitution and rules of CCLCG

Thanks to my fellow Board members for their expertise and commitment to the State Office over the past twelve months.

Finally, I would like to thank the management committees, staff and volunteers of community legal centres in New South Wales; without their continued dedication and support of the State Office of CCLCG community legal centres would not be in the strong position we are today.


Michelle Jones



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