Community Legal Centres NSW Directory 2018


Directory for Community legal centres (CLCs) in NSW which are independent community organisations that provide access to legal services, with a particular focus on services to disadvantaged and marginalised people and communities and matters in the public interest.


This directory provides contact details for community legal centres in New South Wales. It has three sections.

SECTION 1: All specialist community legal centres in alphabetical order.

Specialist centres are those which service the whole state and provide assistance to a specific group of people, or to people affected by a particular area of the law.

SECTION 2: All generalist community legal centres in alphabetical order.

Generalist centres are those which offer a broad range of legal assistance and information to their local community, and are located across NSW.

SECTION 3: Suburb and town index.

The third section provides an alphabetical list of suburbs and towns across NSW to help locate the nearest generalist community legal centre for a client.