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Child protection and removals 
Divorce and separations 
Domestic or family violence 
Family law (general)
International adoptions or abductions
Parenting and children

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Child protection and removals 

Leaving out-of-home care 
Know your rights when you leave out-of-home care.  

Birth alerts, child removals and your unborn child 
How to keep your new baby safe with you if there is a notification to the Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) about your unborn child.

HELP! FaCS has removed my children
The booklet explains the actions Family and Community Services (FaCS) can take at the early stages of contact with you and your family.

'Kids' on the Willow website (Women's Legal on the Go)

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Divorce and separations

Information if you are ending a marriage, including the legal process and procedures, marriage certificates, and life after the divorce. 

Information about property division when your marriage or de facto relationship ends. 

'Separation' on the Willow website (Women's Legal on the Go)

10 steps to follow when you separate 
Practical steps that may help to make separation smoother. 

The court process
Information on the court process following a separation. 

Spousal maintenance 
Understand when you can obtain financial assistance from your spouse or partner after you separate. 

Property settlement 
Understand how property is divided if you are separating from a partner or spouse.

Divorce, separation and who you live with
Information if you are young person whose parents are getting divorced or separated.

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Domestic and family violence

Protection against violence and harassment 
Understand domestic violence, Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders, and family law. 

A Practitioner’s Guide to Domestic Violence Law in NSW 
A plain-English guide to domestic violence law in New South Wales. 

'Domestic and family abuse' on the Willow website (Women's Legal on the Go)

What is family violence?
Information on conduct that falls within the definition of family violence in family law and what you need to tell the court if you have experienced family violence.

Domestic violence and AVOs – for Aboriginal women 
What is domestic violence, what is an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (ADVO), and how to get one.

Domestic violence and Centrelink 
How domestic violence may impact your existing Centrelink payments and the one-off payments you can receive if you are experiencing or at risk of family or domestic violence.  

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Family law (general)

Women and Family Law
A plain-English guide to family law in New South Wales covering a range of topics such as divorce, children, property settlements and AVOs.

Family law 
The family law system, and how to keep kids happy, safe and connected with their family. 

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International adoptions and abductions

International adoption factsheets 
Information if you have experience of adoption across international borders, including children, families, and prospective adoptive parents.

International parental abduction factsheets
Information regarding international parental child abduction and access. 

International family tracing and reunification 
Information on family tracing and reunification if you are an Australian resident who wishes to locate a family member believed to be overseas. 

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Parenting and children

Children and Parenting Factsheet 
Information on what the court considers when determining a parenting dispute.

Child support 
Understand the law relating to child support, the definition and what processes are involved.  

Children and parenting 
The options for the care and living arrangements of your children following a separation. 

Child support & spousal maintenance 
Understanding child support, spousal maintenance and Centrelink family assistance payments. 

'Kids' on the Willow website (Women's Legal on the Go)