The story of the bee swarm in Shoalcoast Community Legal Centre’s backyard


Provided by Emma Wood, Centre Director at Shoalcoast Community Legal Centre

We started noticing more bees around our building. Then we found the source, a bee swarm had taken up residence in one of our trees in the back yard. We were alert but not alarmed. 

Then someone got stung, so then  it was time to take action. 

We contacted a local bee expert and they commenced the extraction and removal of the bees to a better suited location for all.   Here is our story in pictures….

The extraction process started and the bees were not happy Jan!   The good news is that no one was stung in this stage 😊

It took time but the Bees accepted their new hive and all was calm again at 80 Bridge Road.

Then the hive left…we thought it was all over and our bees had found a new home…we were sad but glad they had left for a new home.

BUT the bees had other ideas and really like 80 Bridge Road (as we do!) and they came back!

So the hive box came back ready to take them to a new home, again!  Suspiciously, no bees were around – we don’t think they were very happy and got the hint. ☹ 

The Final Chapter….no hive, and no access to the tree for the bee swarms ever again!

We have been told that our Bee swarm is now thriving in a new home where they are benefiting the community via pollination of our environment. Great news for the bees and the environment!