Community Legal Centres NSW represents 41 member community legal centres across NSW.

Community Legal Centres NSW is the NSW member of the National Association of Community Legal Centres (NACLC). Community legal centres in NSW gain representation by NACLC only via membership of Community Legal Centres NSW.

As the peak organisation for community legal centres in NSW, CLCNSW represents the views of community legal centres to the government and broader community, advocates on key law reform and policy issues, and supports community legal centres to improve the quality of the services they deliver to the community.

Additionally, all members of CLCNSW are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Access to all Community Legal Centres NSW resources for free or heavily subsidised;
  • Access to training, forums or conferences organised by Community Legal Centres NSW;
  • Access to concessions or special arrangements negotiated by Community Legal Centres NSW from third parties;
  • An invitation to participate in any law reform or education campaigns or networks run by Community Legal Centres NSW or other NSW community legal centres;
  • Access to expert advice and support on governance and service provision issues from the Community Legal Centres State Office, the Community Legal Centres NSW Board, and the broader network of community legal centres nationally.

Full and associate members of Community Legal Centres NSW also become automatic members of NACLC and, so long as the NACLC levy is paid annually, they are therefore entitled to the following benefits from NACLC:

  • Access to bulk-purchase insurance schemes negotiated by NACLC – for PII and other insurance;
  • “Community legal centre” price for the annual National CLC Conference;
  • Representation to the Commonwealth Government on behalf of all community legal centres – particularly in relation to better funding and better standardised service agreements;
  • Representation on the Australian Legal Assistance Forum and other national legal stakeholder groups;
  • Access to national networks and opportunities for collaboration;
  • An invitation to participate in national law reform and human rights campaigns;
  • Access to free or heavily subsidised resources to assist centres, such as the Risk Management Guide and the Financial Management Guide.

To enquire about membership of Community Legal Centres NSW, contact us here.


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