Community Legal Centres Networks in NSW


Join a community legal centres network to share knowledge and experiences, provide peer support in complex areas, hear from guest presenters on relevant issues, coordinate advocacy, and develop joint strategies for improving clients' experiences of the justice system.

We have 19 networks that cover a range of topics and meet quarterly in February, May, September and November each year. Details about upcoming events and how to register are available on our Upcoming quarterlies and training page prior to each event.

Please see a list of the networks below. You can register for networks here!

Administration and Finance Network

This network discusses operational issues for community legal centres.

Communications Network

This network shares knowledge and ideas on how to optimise communications at community legal centres. It includes a broad range of topics such as digital technologies, marketing, writing skills and website design.

Community Legal Education Workers Network

This network discusses how to most effectively carry out legal education in the community and shares tips on how members are doing it.

Coordinators and Directors Network

This network discusses sector issues relating to centre management, funding and key stakeholder engagement. It is for coordinators and directors at community legal centres only. Where the centre coordinator or director is unable to attend, they can nominate someone else to attend in their place.

Disaster Planning and Response Network

This network discusses disaster preparedness and how we can best support clients, each other and our broader communities in the event of a disaster.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Network

How can the community legal centres sector better serve and represent a diversity of identities and communities? This network explores how we can engage our collective skills to create more inclusive services and workplaces.

Domestic Violence and Victims Compensation Network

This network discusses issues relating to domestic and family violence, victims compensation policies and legislation. It makes recommendations to government and non-government bodies.

Employment and Discrimination Law Network

This network explores the world of employment, and discrimination in the context of the workplace.

Family Law, Care and Protection Network

This network discusses issues in family law and child protection practice, policy and legislation, and makes recommendations to government and non-government bodies.

First Nations Justice Working Group

This network is a place where we can share experience and knowledge about how we can better support and engage in First Nations justice work, and keep ourselves accountable for the commitments we've made and continue to make. All welcome.

Guardianship and Succession Network

Starting in November 2023, this network will delve into legal guardianship as well as wills and estates issues that affect community legal centre clients.

HJP (Health Justice Partnerships) Network

Health Justice Partnerships connect lawyers and healthcare providers to support people in the health system. If you are involved in an HJP or interested in this space, come along to listen and/or share.

Law Reform and Policy Network

This network is a very active space in which we discuss policy, the latest campaign work and our great plans for reform!

PII (Professional Indemnity Insurance) Committee

This network is for principal solicitors. Where the principal solicitor is unable to attend, they can nominate someone else to attend in their place.

Prisoner's Rights Working Group

This network is for staff who visit clients in prison or have an interest in prisoners’ rights to share their experience, discuss issues and contribute to policy development.

RRR (Rural Regional and Remote) Network

This network discusses any and all issues involved in providing services in rural, regional and remote areas. 

Vicarious Trauma Community of Practice

This network is a supportive space where community legal centres staff can discuss vicarious trauma and how we manage it.

Yarn Up

Yarn Up is a network for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff from community legal centres to meet and discuss key policy and practice issues. For CLC Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff only. 

Youth Advocacy Network

The Youth Advocacy Network focuses on legal issues as they relate to young people and how to provide services to this community.

You can register for our networks here!