Upcoming Quarterly dates


Save the date for Community Legal Centres NSW's upcoming Quarterlies, which include network meetings, training, panels, and opportunities for professional development.

Network meetings in 2024

  • May Network meetings: 13 to 22 May 2024
  • August Network meetings: 12 to 21 August 2024
  • November Network meetings: 11 to 20 November 2024

Register for open networks here to attend meetings.

Find descriptions of all networks that meet at each Quarterly here.

Training in 2024

Governance and finance training: March-June 2024

Julie Robson and Non-Profit Training are delivering a series of six governance and finance training sessions starting at the end of March. They’re designed for Coordinators and Directors, Boards, and any staff who want to learn about budgets, finances, sustainability and risk, funding proposals and agreements, and completing the CLCP funds report.

Find more info on this finance training here.

Community Legal Education Masterclass: 9 May 2024

In May, along with Legal Aid and the CLCNSW Community Legal Education Workers Network, we’re hosting a CLE masterclass.

Find more information on the CLE Masterclass here.

Family Law and Family Violence training: May and November

AI and Facial Recognition

UTS will deliver training on AI and facial recognition software, how it's used by police and what CLC lawyers need to know. Details TBA.

New Employment Laws

Redfern Legal Centre’s Sharmilla Bargon will deliver training about new employment laws and what they mean for CLCs. Details TBA.


For further information about our Quarterly program or event logistics (including registration, venue information and presenter equipment), please contact CLCNSW office administration at officemanager@clcnsw.org.au. Thank you!