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Environment Law Resources
Environmental laws are different across the country and will affect the type of information we show you. Explore the Environmental Defenders Office website for free legal resources related to addressing climate change, protecting Country and culture, and defending the environment.​​​​​ 

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Natural disasters and extreme weather

Resources for women affected by natural disasters
Factsheets, webinars and contact information for getting help.

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Explore free legal advice and representation for individuals and groups that want to take action for animals and awareness of animal protection issues.  

'Animal cruelty complaints 
A guide on what is considered animal cruelty, penalties, reporting or complaining about the RSPCA. 

Pet ownership disputes - what can you do? 
Information that considers pet ownership, and provides a useful checklist for when you need to prove a companion animal belongs to you. 

Assistance animals - what are they and are they protected? 
What does it take to make an animal an 'assistance animal’ and the rights surrounding people and their assistance animals.