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Centrelink and social security 
Financial hardship (loans, debt, bankruptcy) 
Loans and debt
Domestic violence
Motor vehicle accidents 

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Centrelink and social security 

These factsheets will assist you to resolve some problems with Centrelink yourself. If you have a different problem or the factsheet does not answer your questions. 

Information on Centrelink payments, including ABSTUDY, Youth Allowance, and JobSeeker.  

Appealing Centrelink decisions 
If you are unhappy with a decision made by Centrelink, you can have the decision reviewed. 

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Financial hardship 

A parking fine on the front windscreen of a car.


Fined Out: A practical guide to the NSW fines system 
How to deal with fines, and contact information for services that can help people with their fines. 

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Loans and debt 

Dealing with debt: a legal guide to personal debt in NSW
If your debts are piling up, you are being hounded about repayments, or court action is being taken against you, this clear, easy-to-read guide is essential reading.

Dealing with debt 
The laws on debt, what a debt collector is, and what they are allowed to do.

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Domestic violence

Untangling financial abuse for women escaping DV
This factsheet defines financial abuse and how to address it.

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Motor vehicle accidents 

Motor vehicle accident problem solver 
An interactive tool that helps you to solve problems related to car and motor vehicle accidents. 

Motor vehicle accident fact sheets 
Information related to car accidents, insurance, and claims.